When was Gamma Eta Founded?

Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc. was founded on October 18, 1995 at the University of Florida.


What are your Greek Letters?



What are the sorority’s values?

Our pillars of excellence are Sisterhood, Leadership, Service, Diversity, Strength, Unity, Scholarship


When do you recruit?

Gamma Eta’s membership process is slightly different from those of other Greek organizations. Rather than hold a recruitment period during the summer, Gamma Eta recruits primarily at the start of the fall semester. The process from then on is a private affair until induction into sisterhood.


What are your colors?

Purple and Teal


What are your symbols?

The sun and fleur de lis.

What’s your flower?

The sunflower 

What’s your philanthropy?

We work to bring awareness to breast cancer every October with our “When The Sun Shines Pink” campaign to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Chapters also typically have their own local philanthropy they support.


What’s your motto?

Hoy y Siempre (Today and Always)


What’s your nickname?

Classy and Oh! So Sassy Ladies, Sunflowers, Gamma Etas


Do you have a hand sign?

Yes, it’s meaning is private to our sisterhood and done with other Gamma Etas.

Are you part of a bigger organization?

We are a member of the National Multicultural Greek Council.



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