Get Involved

How You Can Contribute To The Sisterhood

There’s always an opportunity to contribute to the sisterhood. From remote webinars, supporting our undergraduate chapters or getting involved in expansion efforts, Gamma Eta is grateful to have sisters who continue to want to help the sisterhood flourish.

Programming Directors

Our sisters are diverse and talented in a variety of ways and we would love to showcase this within our sisterhood and even with others. From financial literacy to career advice, we are excited to be putting on programming events that meet the needs and interests of our sisters and community.

If you’re interested in contributing ideas and programming events for our sisterhood, apply to be on the programming committee!

University of Tampa Expansion

Our sisterhood has the exciting opportunity to expand at the University of Tampa and we need sisters near and far to help uplift efforts. If you’re interested in participating in recruitment events, email the Director of Expansion at

Become a Sister

Contact us to be a part of our sisterhood, please write your fill name, email address, and information. We cannot wait for you to be a part of Gamma Eta Inc.



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