Spotted: Maia Faulk

March 15, 2014

Maia Faulk, Beta Chapter

Maia Faulk, Beta Chapter

This week’s spotlight is on  Beta Chapter’s sister, Maia Faulk. As a criminal justice/social welfare graduate, this hardworking sunflower was asked a few questions in order for the whole sisterhood to be acquainted with her in a more personal matter.

Q. Why did you choose Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc.?
A. I chose Gamma Eta because I wanted to belong to something bigger than myself. I moved to Jacksonville with no friends and I was very lonely. Gamma eta was the sorority that had values that I was looking for, also gamma eta was a sorority that I knew would accept me for me. I had been looking and researching gamma eta for a long time and finally sent an email to the vp’s email address with a nudge from my boyfriend.

Q. What is your greatest accomplishment?
A. My greatest accomplishment is graduating college with my bachelors’ degree being the first in my family to do so despite growing up without my parents in my life.

Q. If you can pick any superpower what would it be and why?
A. If I had to choose a superpower it would be to be able to be invisible whenever I wanted to be. I think I would choose invisibility because you can find out so many things about people and bout the world. I could also help people without them finding out about it.

I asked this lovely lady what has she been up to since graduation in December 2013 and she said, “I got my first job I am a Family Case Manager with One Hope United a private non profit human service organization that is dedicated to protecting children and strengthening families. I have been enjoying life. I was just accepted into Nova Southeastern University to obtain a masters degree in leadership with a concentration in education.”

It’s absolutely amazing to see and hear about sisters changing the world and their community one step at a time. The spotlight is on you Maia!



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