R.I.P. The Runway

March 6, 2014

At Jacksonville University, Gamma Eta’s Delta Chapter held Gamma Eta Week during the last week of February. On Friday, Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc. and the Black Student Union worked together to host a fashion show. Five Gamma Eta’s lovely ladies were models for the show and their opinions of the show and their involvement were all positive.
The show consisted of Tiffany Davis from the Bad Girls Club as their host, as well as a local comedian and local artists. The show was a knockout and according to Vice President of Delta Chapter, Marissa Haslett, the organization and planning of the show was, ” approximately from October to February. I am very pleased with the turnout. All the models did great and I am so so pleased to have 75 VIP seats sold out and 100+ in attendance.”
The outfits that were modeled were entertaining as well as bold and were donated by Greek Divine, Brothers and Sisters Greek Store, and two fashion designers. Carmen Carlisle was responsible for the women’s fashion and Muffin Edwards was responsible for the men’s fashion. There were some models that even showed a variety of culture with their choice of outfits, which made the show all the more entertaining. Some of the models were Greek and it’s always great to see Greek organizations volunteering tedious time to support a cause. Dexter Overall, a brother of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and also an advisor for BSU said, “It is exciting to recognize all of the organizations that came together to make this happen.”
Some may find their involvement as a model an honor, but to some, like Delta Chapter’s sister Janay Clay, it was not only an honor but also a personal breakthrough. When asked about her opinion of the show, she mentioned her self esteem and her involvement at first wasn’t a good idea. Janay was able to gain courage through this show and was excited to have done so well. As a sister, and her grand big, I could not be more proud of her and her accomplishment, her gain of self esteem, and also her help to support a great cause.
The fashion show raised $125 and it was donated to the Children With Autism Charity. The name sure did represent the fashion show because that runway really did R.I.P. It was an amazing third annual fashion show!




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