Spring Break Survival Guide: The Do’s and Don’t’s

March 6, 2014


Sunshine and sun block are the very few things that college students anticipate the most. After the numerous amounts of tests and the piles of homework, students just want to sit back and enjoy some time off. of course, there’s always a safe way to enjoy the not-long-enough break so here are the do’s and dont’s of spring break.

DO wear sunblock! The worst part about vacationing is having to worry about a painful sunburn. Trying to get a good tan? Olive oil is the solution! It’s great for tanning and very gentle on your skin.

DO the math. Yes, we have all heard that spring break partying is a once in a lifetime thing. But who wants to go back to school broke?

DO plan out the trip! It’s always best to do some research of the vacation spot and figure out expenses in order to split everything evenly with whomever you are travelling with.

DON’T party alone. It’s always best to have a sober friend with you just so the both of you (or the group of you) can get back to your hotel safely.

DON’T lose your wallet! In the midst of everything it is always common to forget about being cautious of your valuables. Always randomly check your pockets to make sure your wallet and phone are with you and ladies, never leave your purse! Remember, wherever you travel, the locals will always be looking for the lonely wallets and purses.

DON’T forget to have fun! Make memories! Spring break comes once a year like Christmas so it’s best to make it memorable. Just remember, you can party hard, but party safe!




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