Delta Chapter Gives Back

April 29, 2014

Delta Chapter of Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc. at St. Francis Soup Kitchen
Photo Credit: Mamie Lue Small
On Saturday, April 26th, the lovely ladies of Gamma Eta’s Delta Chapter decided to take a break from their studying and give back to their community. The ladies volunteered at the local soup kitchen called St. Francis Soup Kitchen. Their experience touched them emotionally and also enjoyed helping those in need. Samara Generals, Delta Chapter’s president said, “I believe that the soup kitchen event allowed for us to gain a little more appreciation for the things we have and to realize that even in our most financially pinched times, we can reflect back on this experience and realize that we are still a lot more fortunate than others.” The soup kitchen revealed a variety of people; from the elderly to the very young. Prayers were made over food and peace and unity as a community was witnessed.
St. Francis has been serving Jacksonville’s community every Saturday for 30 years. Originally known as St. Anthony’s Bread For the Poor, they started their soup kitchen with sandwiches and water bottles. Over the years, the menu expanded and a clothes closet was added.
These ladies not only was given the opportunity to give back to their community but they were also given a gift in return. They were able to go home with a smile on their face knowing that they made someone’s day. This event has also made their hearts lighter knowing that they can (and we as readers) can appreciate what we have around us and who we have around us. This chapter has learned to lean on each other more than ever knowing that they are thankful to have each other. Like our parents have always told us, it’s more blessed to give than to receive and for the sisters of Gamma Eta’s Delta Chapter, they not only gave, but also received.




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