Arkansas Moves to Region 4

June 14, 2020


[Arkansas Moved From Region 1 to 4]

ATTN: Sisters of Gamma Eta

FROM: The National Executive Council

Gamma Eta Sorority’s National Executive Council would like to announce to sisters the changes made in the “Region 4 Redistricting” proposal created in 2018 that has passed through the organization’s voting process.  

This new amendment to the National Constitution impacts the Arkansas chapters, Gamma and Epsilon, which are now in Region 4 instead of Region 1. Constitutionally, the proposal was made to establish responsibility in the two regions where the sorority currently has a wealth of chapters. The idea is to better connect chapters geographically with as much support as possible. By concretely establishing Arkansas in Region 4 and bringing relief knowing there is one active and successful chapter in the region, it is our understanding that it will consequently help promote the growth of the sisterhood in the Midwest.



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