National Internship Program

June 8, 2020

Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc. is proud to announce our inaugural class for our 2020 National Internship Program.

In an effort to support undergraduate sisters whose internship or post-graduate opportunities may have been derailed by the pandemic, the National Executive Council created an internship program meant to provide professional experience and help develop our pillar of leadership. Positions are project-based and fall under a supervising NEC director that can also serve as a mentor for young sisters. 

Sisters will be given a letter of recommendation, must attend a professional workshop provided by the sisterhood, and will receive an offer letter. Positions were also offered for credit upon request.

Please welcome the following ladies as part of our first internship class!

Communications Interns

Content Creator
Daniela Restrepo
FA19, Alpha Beta Class
Alpha Chapter

Recruitment Content Creator
Vanessa Gomez
SP20, Alpha Gamma Class
Alpha Chapter

Programming Coordinator
Serena Brown
FA19, Rho Class
Beta Chapter

Chapter Development Interns

Alina Arango
FA19, Alpha Beta Class
Alpha Chapter

Victoria DeGrezia
SP19, Gamma Class
Theta Colony

Administrative Interns

Special Projects
Ariane Latras
SP20, Alpha Gamma Class
Alpha Chapter

Timeline Programming
Edysmar Diaz-Cruz
FA18, Alpha Alpha Class
Alpha Chapter



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