Meet Our New Expansion Director

August 25, 2020

Congratulations to Paola “Kaida” Perdomo who will now lead our national expansion efforts. Paola was born in Venezuela and joined Gamma Eta’s Alpha Chapter at the University of Florida as part of the FA16 Chi Class.

Paola is currently an architecture design intern in Tampa and will pursue her master of architecture degree at Arizona State in fall 2021. She says though she no longer sees sisters on an everyday basis, she still feels the essence of our hoy y siempre.

“I love Gamma Eta because it gave me wonderful friends that valued both my current and potential growth. But most importantly because when I saw women on campus that I admired and they all turned out to be sisters, they created a safe space for me for who I was but also whom I wanted to become- imperfections and all.”

Paola is also the creator behind our new When The Sun Shines Pink breast cancer awareness logo. She is also working to establish Tampa’s alumni chapter in addition to her new role on our National Executive Council.

“I have been so grateful for the opportunities the sorority had graced me with so far, that I wanted to not only contribute my time, but I also wanted to continue to surround myself with such powerful ladies in the hopes that we too can extend these experiences to new areas around different campuses.”

Make sure to give Paola a warm welcome. Hint: She loves arepas.

Congratulations Paola!



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