Join Our Sisterhood!

Gamma Eta Sorority is currently recruiting new members to bring sunflowers to the University of Georgia and the University of Tampa. Read more about how you can join or start Gamma Eta at your school.

Gamma Eta collegiate chapters are founded through a process called “expansion.” Our sorority is always seeking opportunities for growth on campuses that will allow our sisterhood to flourish.

Gamma Eta is excited to bring our sisterhood to the University of Tampa. We’re looking for women who uphold our seven pillars of excellence: leadership, diversity, service, strength, scholarship, unity and sisterhood.

Those interested in being part of our founding class can e-mail our expansion team at gammaetaut@gmail.com and follow our Instagram @gammaetaut.

Want to bring Gamma Eta to your campus?

Gamma Eta is always searching for opportunities to help support women of diverse backgrounds be the best they can be. We believe support from a like-minded sisterhood helps women succeed and achieve their goals even after they graduate.

Before Gamma Eta can plant its seed at undergraduate institution, there must be:

  • Support from the Office of Greek Life or Student Involvement
  • Significant interest from women on campus
  • A need for Gamma Eta

Founding a collegiate chapter is a demanding endeavor that requires dedication and leadership. If you are interested in starting a chapter at your school, please feel free to contact our Director of Expansion at ghexpansion95@gmail.com.




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