Creating A Sisterhood

Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc. finds its origins as a student organization at the University of Florida in 1995 where it was first known as Gamma Eta Society. In the fall of 1995, under the leadership of our founding mother Ilena Camilo, she and 17 other ladies came together to create the sisterhood that exists today. These women saw the need to form an organization that would offer a support system to women of diverse backgrounds.

Although they faced numerous barriers in becoming formally recognized as an official sorority, our founding mothers persevered and initiated the founding class in the spring of 1996. Gamma Eta was finally chartered and incorporated as an official sorority on August 2, 1999 and achieved recognition as a Greek Letter organization. In 2006, Gamma Eta was admitted as a full member of the National Multicultural Greek Council.

Founding Mothers: Gamma Eta was founded by 18 women.  Ilena Camilo​, Claudia Forestieri, Maria Portilla, Marena Ramirez, Vanessa Ramirez, Maria Torres, Giselle Arvelo, Alexa Davila, Ana Del Valle, Vivian Estalella, Beatriz Lugo, Deborah Mazzeo, Diana O’Hara, Diana Ramirez, Adnybel Rosario-Ortiz, Leemarie Ortiz, Joann Schadenfroh, Yahdira Torres

Facing Toward The Sun

Today Gamma Etas are involved in various philanthropic efforts from breast cancer awareness to improving diabetes research. Sisters also work to serve underprivileged communities in multiple states, as well as enhance sisters’ academic and professional endeavors. Sisters of Gamma Eta have led their respective universities in various capacities, both as students and staff, and held prestigious positions all around the world in their professional careers supporting one another to achieve their goals.


Become a Sister

Contact us to be a part of our sisterhood, please write your fill name, email address, and information. We cannot wait for you to be a part of Gamma Eta Inc.




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